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My name is Robert Waters and I welcome you to my web site, from which I hope you will derive great benefits, both physical and spiritual.

I am happily married to my first and only wife, Freda (pictured with me on the right). We have two children, Angela and David. David was a great help to me in setting up this website in the beginning. His wife, Brandi, changed it to what it is and is currently Web Master. 

I grew up on a cattle ranch in northwestern Arkansas. My parents both taught school and are now retired.
Eulogy for Troy Waters

I have credits from five colleges, and received a BS degree in Agriculture Education from Arkansas State University in 1979. I spent five years preaching the gospel and then, in 1985, I took a job with USDA’s Farm Service Agency as a County Executive Director (now retired). I preach and teach, along with Ivy Conner, at a wonderful congregation near Huntsville, Arkansas. It is in the Forum community on Hwy 23 North, approximately 8 miles from Huntsville.
I retired from USDA in December 2014 and now devote much of my time to teaching the word of God through Internet and books.

It was while studying nutrition in college that I developed a great passion for it. One point that stood out in my mind was that the growth rate of livestock will be stymied by a deficiency in just one essential nutrient. For example, if a sufficient amount of calcium is not provided, the other essential nutrients will be mostly wasted and the animal will not reach it potential for growth. (For example, a steer may only gain one pound each day as opposed to gaining four pounds per day.) Picture a wooden barrel with the essential nutrients labeled on the slats. The slat labeled "calcium" is broken off one foot from the top of the barrel. Water is poured into the barrel and is running out the broken slat (wasting nutrients), illustrating the need for a ration complete with the proper amount of all nutrients.

It was not until I listened to Dr. Joel Wallach (Veterinarian and Physician) on talk radio, and twice in person, that I realized that we, as human beings, must provide ourselves with all essential nutrients (as livestock producers do for their animals) to help assure optimum growth and health. *

My main concern in life is to help people with spiritual nutrition, and this is what comprises most of the pages on this site.

* Dr. Wallach's program (Dead Doctors Don't Lie) has helped many people throughout the country to learn that there are effective alternatives to medicine and surgery in most cases. He has taught many people about the necessity of building a healthy immune system to ward off diseases. But he is mostly known for his efforts at exposing the medical profession for what he sometimes calls "criminal" activity" as they take people's money while their overall health deteriorates due to their unnecessary drugs and surgery, in many cases.  A parallel here would be men posing as preachers of the gospel who do it for money or who have not really given sufficient amount of study to assure he knows he is teaching the truth.

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Robert Waters