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Put Away But Not Divorced

Newly revised copy of my book, Put Away But Not Divorced, 280 pages. FREE download, but please note that this is copyrighted material. Share only by linking back to http://www.totalhealth.bz/publications.

Forward by Olan Hicks

I first came face to face with the traditional theory on divorce and remarriage way back in 1960 when I was a young minister in the early part of my career. The doctrine brought trouble of an unusual kind into my ministry, forcing me to deal with it. It appeared that the theory had no Biblical foundation, but our brotherhood had accepted it everywhere I looked. It therefore became necessary to search out the facts.

But where could I begin my investigation? Almost no one had written on the subject, and most of the writings I did find supported the traditional view. I would have loved to have been able to get my hands on a book like this one by Robert Waters, which lays out just about every argument that has been put forth on the issue. But, as I said, we had no such material fifty years ago and I was alone to do my research.

I am glad that now the situation is better because many brethren are speaking out regarding divorce and subsequent marriage in books, articles, and sermons. That is where this book will be helpful. Robert and I have some differences on how to approach a point, but we do not differ on conclusions. We come out at the same place. We find that the traditional view is a human theory.

Near the end of the book Robert quotes Foy Wallace Jr., who rightly said that although Jesus condemned marriage breaking, He did NOT prescribe a "disciplinary procedure" and thus we cannot make one without human legislation. Robert and I both respect God's stated will that each person have a mate. Robert has experienced the frustration of trying to find the truth in the confused circumstances surrounding this subject. He has done a lot of research to get where he is, and he shares that in this book, cutting a wide swath so the reader will be able to look at good information and clear treatment of every point.

It is important that we survey the whole field and study this subject fully from the standpoint of what the Bible says about it. Many people are faced with decisions on this topic, and their conclusions have eternal consequences. They need some Bible answers. As Waters points out, God placed great importance on the role of marriage in preventing fornication. Forbidding marriage flies in the face of the need for everyone to have a mate. Those who insist on the breakup of marriages should especially stop and look this matter over again.

I welcome this book by Robert Waters. It is my prayer that God will bless the material that is put forth here to the intended purpose of God to give blessings to those who follow His will.

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Bible Authority

51 page book on Bible authority. Sermons/class materials fully outlined. FREE download.


The Ultimate Survivalist

What does it take to be the ultimate survivalist? Could it be YOU?

Divorce and Remarriage Videos by Robert Waters

A Young Preacher’s Dilemma

Written in the form of a play, this is a fictional account of a young preacher, Phillip, who is faced with a dilemma when he discovers that his friends, George and Angela, are, according to the traditional teaching on marriage, divorce, and remarriage, in an unscriptural marriage. How will Phillip react? Will he convince George and Angela that they need to divorce to get in a right relationship with God? What will he do if they refuse?

This booklet (55 pages) is on this website and may be printed without cost.

Marriage and Divorce: A Clear and Intelligible Exposition

$0.20 each

Questions On Premillenialism

A unique debate between Robert Waters and a seasoned Baptist preacher and debater.

$3.00 each to cover postage.

The Security Of The Believer

"Brother Waters has done excellent work in this booklet and it deserves to be read and studied by any sincere brethren. He denies all Calvinism but at the same time he advocates full assurance and confidence for the faith child of God.” -- Leslie Diestelkamp

$3.00 each to cover postage.

“My thanks to you for sending me a copy of your excellent booklet, CONTINUAL CLEANSING VS PERFECTIONISM. It is a very forthright, effective and convincing presentation. I believe you to be right in each argument therein. I have preached this comforting doctrine for nearly sixty years. I never heard it questioned until recently. All scholarly men among us of every persuasion have taught it either directly or indirectly. -- Guy N. Woods

$0.45 each

This book may be downloaded in its entirety, but it is not free. I am using the honor system instead of accepting credit cards. We do guarantee your satisfaction. If you are satisfied with the content send $5.00 to the following address:

Robert Waters
178 Madison 8657

Huntsville, AR 72740 

“Getting started right can make or break a newcomer’s entry into any sport. Robert Waters’ book, DEER HUNTING – WHITE TAIL HUNTING BASICS and MORE is just that, the basics, plus some. It deals with the three major types of harvesting tools: modern rifles, muzzle loaders, and archery tackle, plus hunting methods, the nature of the while-tail, its habitat and habits, plus, as promised, more. More is in the nature of windchill factors, advice about “staying found,” deer populations, a checklist for important hunting gear, proper clothing for the whiltetail hunter, and -- you guessed it -- more, such as how to make a tree stand, dryfiring for practice, sighting in properly, as well as important information of safety, not only in the treestand, but a gun safety as well. Waters is a sportsman. His disdain for poacher and unfair play stand out, which is vital to teaching new-comers not only the hows and whys of whitetail hunting, but the admirable way to go about it. Yes, getting started right is important, and that’s what this book is about.” -- Sam Fadala

[Sam Fadala is author of numerous hunting books and has written for several top hunting magazines and held numerous staff positions]

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