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Great website with wonderful info. Thanks. Will use it wisely(smle).

Promote your book. It's well written and explains clearly the great misunderstanding on the Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage Controversy"  "PUT AWAY BUT NOT DIVORCED" a liberating study and marriage saver.

Daniel Parker

I really enjoy the study that is going on there (Focus On Truth Yahoogroups). Also I think the Total Health site is the best on the internet, and truly enjoy it.

God bless you and yours. Your site is tremendous.

Many greetings from ...South India. I hope you are fine. My name is ...I am preaching Gospel from 9 years. Your website is wonderful and very helpful.I like to read every two days in a week. Please touch with me through e-mail.

I just checked out your website. It really does look fabulous! Brandi did a terrific job. I'm very impressed. One thing I want to say, too. I read your little snippet about MDR, and I think your thoughts about "taking marriage away" are really great. I do believe to forbid marriage or to push divorce on those thought to be committing adultery is wrong.

You have an iteresting site. At this point I disagree with your views on MDR, but you have lots of interesting material to read and digest. I intend to read more and always look to understand "What saith the scripture?"

Your daughter-in-law did a VERY nice job on your website. It is very easy to move about and find things; it’s nice, attractive and inviting.

"Easy on the eyes and overall great job…"

"Wow, you've got a LOT of information on your site. I think I'll be spending a lot of time there."

"You have a lot of good stuff on your web site…"

"I like it!"

"Your website contains much interesting and useful information."

"I have great hopes for your web site."

"I appreciate your website that you have put up and the time you have obviously invested in researching the true meaning of the scriptures."

"I have been reading your website and I really admire it. Thank you for your time."

Mr. Waters I just want to thank you again for providing this outstanding website. As I read threw it I just cant believe all of the work that you have put into it. I love the poems and stories! I hope you dont mind if I share them with my family. Thank you so much for providing this website and devoting your time to work on it. If you recieve any updates or anything changes please let me know.

"I took a look at your site a couple of hours ago... and I want to tell you that I'd really love to trade links with you. I think your site has some really good stuff..."

"You and the Lord's work there will most certainly be in my prayers."

"Very professionally designed…"

"Very nice Robert. Very professional looking."

“You write better than almost everyone else on the internet. You are brief, logical, and organized.”

"I checked out your website and it looks great! Looks like I've got a lot of reading to do, to become more healthy. I most definitely need to change some of my eating habits now! I've added it to my Favorites list and will check back often!"

"I met you a few weeks ago in Silverton and you gave me your website. I just wanted to let you know that I checked it out and I think it looks good. Keep on keeping on... for the Lord."

"Your website and arguments are sound."

"I go to the Church of Christ here in Japan and I was curious if I could use some of your work on your website to help teach in our church? We dont really have a full time preacher, and its mainly just military people , but we all try to help each other. Would it be ok if I use some of your work to help teach others?"


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